Worlds Without Clocks – Depicting Time in Fantasy Writing

The sonorous tolling of the Telriand Bell echoed over the city, rolling down the cobbled streets to tremble in every darkened doorway and mist-shrouded alley. To those few wakeful souls who heard it, the sound signified one thing: Halfnight had fallen over Toval. For Laeress, though, it had another meaning. The Cloaked Hour, as it was known among the Reavers, had finally begun. It was time to move...

In Due Time

Things are quiet here at The Lost Way, and not only because the world outside has been immobilized by a crippling ice storm. The silence has arisen from my deliberately withholding the new content I've been working on, in anticipation of 'opening day', if you will.

NaNo Gets Underway

If nothing else, participation in NaNoWriMo has motivated me to create a public face for this book, in the form of a cover and synopsis. For the cover I chose a sketch that I created earlier this year. I'm rather fond of it. And while it does not specifically illustrate any part of the story per se, it does symbolize a number of themes and concepts that underpin much of what I've written. Just what those themes are I will keep under my cap, but I present the cover itself for your contemplation.

NaNoWriMo 2016

November looms, and with it comes National Novel Writing Month. At this time last year I had heard only the most distant rumblings of NaNoWriMo, and had elected not to participate. At that time I was just beginning to gain some traction in my draft, and the thought of setting it aside to begin something new was inconceivable.