Worlds Without Clocks – Depicting Time in Fantasy Writing

The sonorous tolling of the Telriand Bell echoed over the city, rolling down the cobbled streets to tremble in every darkened doorway and mist-shrouded alley. To those few wakeful souls who heard it, the sound signified one thing: Halfnight had fallen over Toval. For Laeress, though, it had another meaning. The Cloaked Hour, as it was known among the Reavers, had finally begun. It was time to move...

Book Review – Lethal White

Since his capture of the Shacklewell Ripper, Cormoran Strike has had an upswing in clients appearing at his door, but when an unstable madman descends upon his office with a delusional story of a murdered child, Strike and his partner Robin find themselves drawn into a scandal that reaches high into the halls of power, and deep into the indecorous past of a wealthy family.